Dear Parent,

I would like to share some of our views and perceptions on education and thus seek your cooperation through interactive communication the purpose of providing meaningful and quality education to your ward. As you are aware, at BBPS we strive to provide a comprehensive education, keeping in view the country’s rich cultural heritage & cultural background while inculcating a scientific temperament. Thus opening vistas for the multifaceted development of the child’s personality.

We are very much aware of the need to provide a fabric for inculcation of good habits and moral values, besides academic excellence and intellectual development. Thus the endeavour is to instill in the child positive attitudes, absolute value, a team spirit, self respect, punctuality and above all a sense of compassion for fellow human beings.

We believe that education is a tripolar process where there is equal participation of the School, Students & Parents. A continuous interaction between all there is the key to good education. The diary is thus designed to act as a medium providing an effective means of communication between parents and teachers so that its scope is extended beyond the coutinelylunderst6ood one of being a mere almanac and rule book.

While wishing the students a very happy academic year, I would like to make a personal request that you kindly check your wards diary daily in order to monitor his progress and thus contribute to our efforts of achieving the desired goals.